Hey i have looked around but cant seem to solve this , i have a Macbook Pro and i have been burning Wii ISO's with it for about a year now and had no problems , my super drive in my mac broke recently so i brought a portable DVD burner which saved me mega bucks then getting my super drive fixed , but now when i burn games using it i get "DVD Error -2" in Uloader and Errors in other loaders like NeoGamma , i'm doing the exact same thing i did with my super drive in Disk Utility, iv used two different games and the same thing happened and i get the same error , any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. ps. i'm not to fond on using an external hard drive instead of DVDs . I tried a USB stick with one of the games and that worked fine but it was only 8 GIG and only holds one game at a time where i have heaps of blank DVD-RW