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Thread: Issue that must be tackled!!

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    Angry Issue that must be tackled!!

    I have noticed that many of the available emulators work (WiiSX, Wii64) or are very buggy and slow (pcsx-revolution). I would like to bring attention to this and get these working again.

    Sadly i have 0 knowledge of where to even begin on making these let alone fixing them. I think there are many people that would like to see these working again.

    So this is basically a call to arms for the developers of these emulators. I believe I speak for all of us when I say please, continue development on these, keep them updated.

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    You have made 2 threads regarding this same issue which is against the site rules, please re-read the rules and try to abide by them. The other thread can remain open but I will close this.


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