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Thread: Guide: How To Disassemble Your Wii

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    Guide: How To Disassemble Your Wii

    I am not liable for any damages incurred to your Wii console. The guide's user takes full responsibility for their actions.

    Please use your head.
    - If a screw isn't coming out, don't spin your screw driver into it until the head strips.
    - If you see cables, don't put anything sharp close to it.
    - Don't leave your console plugged into a wall outlet.
    - Don't leave your console attached to your TV.
    - Don't leave the sensor bar attached to the Wii.
    - Be organized with your screws. They're tiny. I have no idea where you can get more if you lose them.
    - Don't work on a carpeted surface. Static shock can travel and damage the components.

    Triwing Screwdriver (link)
    Precision Phillips Head Screwdriver (link)

    Step 1: Gamecube Port Covers

    Remove these covers by opening them, then lifting up gently. It doesn't take much force to remove these, so go slowly.

    Step 2: Gamecube Port Plate

    Remove 3 micro Phillips head screws. Take your fingers and pinch the black space between the memory card slots and pull up. The black plate should pop right out.

    Step 3: Gamecube Port Screws

    Remove 2 Phillips head screws (red) and 2 triwing screws (green)

    Step 4: Underside screws

    Find the Wii side with the 4 feet. Remove the 2 rear feet (nearest the back cable ports). Remove 2 white square stickers (near the front disc drive).

    Remove 4 triwing screws.

    Step 5: Serial Side Battery

    Remove 1 Phillips head screw (red) and lift the battery holder / battery out.

    Step 6: serial side screw removal

    Remove the rubber foot on the side opposite the battery holder. Remove 3 white, square stickers. Remove 2 triwing screws (green) and 3 Phillips head screws (red).

    Step 7: Front Faceplate

    Set the console on it's bottom. Remove the front faceplate by releasing a 2 wire harness. Caution, the wires are very thin and can be damaged if removed too forcefully. Don't use plyers to remove the micro harness, if they slip, they'll tear the wires right out.

    Step 8: Top Case

    The upper case should lift right off.

    Step 9: DVD Drive release

    The DVD Drive's chip controller is on the underside. Remove 4 Phillips head screws (red) to access it.

    Step 10: Drive Chip Access

    Flip over the DVD rom drive to locate the drive controller. Caution, the cables that connect the Wii's motherboard to the drive aren't very long. You might not be able to open it completely flat. Use heavy care, especially with the white bundle of cables (next to the flat ribbon cable).

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    Very nice. I wish I had something like this when I took apart my first wii. i did mine blind

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    one of the better disassemble tuts

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    NICE guide, however you should state which sized screws were taken out because after taking them all out, you have a compillation of a variety set of phillips/triwings.
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    great tutorial e3NiNe! Will definitely refer to this when I order my modchip.


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