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Thread: USB keybaord usage?

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    USB keybaord usage?

    My daughter loves animal crossing city folk and asked me to put a usb keyboard on the softmodded Wii so she could use it. My machine has the dx2 v8 CISO's installed and things like the USB mic work fine once I found the right CIOS but the keyboard is refusing to play ball and does nothing.

    I looked at the couple of threads I've seen here but I'm a little lost on one idea, I'm using GX loader to configure the cios but I saw one person mention setting the cios to 222-mload which gx loader will not allow you to input.

    Could some kind person try and give me some hints on this, I tried cios 222 and no keyboard.

    Any idea's please...

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    Try another loader..... like CFG loader!!!!

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    Already did.. Sorry, same issue..


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