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Thread: SD Card Formatting Question

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    SD Card Formatting Question

    OK, I don’t have a SD card reader on my desktop PC. So I am using my Macbook pro (laptop) to format the SD card and drag the two files onto it.

    I am not getting the letterbomb and I went back 3 months for a message. Nothing.

    I reformatted 3 times using the ‘disk utility’ function on the mac. I selected MS-DOS (FAT) from the options.

    When I click on the SD card icon on the Wii, it says that “the device inserted in the SD card slot cannot be used.”

    What am I doing wrong? Is it impossible to format the SD card using a Mac and have it work properly? Please help.

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    Ok u just made 2 threads about the same thing, this is against the site rules, please read them. One thread is sufficient and it will be picked up by our members. I have left your other thread active, Thread closed


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