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Thread: COD MW3 and BO Not loading

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    COD MW3 and BO Not loading

    Hello, My Current setup is as follows :

    - BRAND NEW Black Wii (Super Mario Bros Wii)
    - LEGAL Backup's from my Previous Wii Games
    - MauiFrogs Softmod All Wii's Guide Followed to a T

    My Problems are, that I cannot for the life of me get Either of the COD Titles I have (MW3 and Black Op's) to even load. All my other games run just fine. Iv followed the Guides for both games on here, ensuring that I have 224 and 250 installed AND selected for Both COD's. But I still cannot get them to work.

    Iv been focusing on USB Loader GX v.2.3 and CFG USB Loader. With No luck at all. CFG USB Loader gives me the error : wbfs error : hd num sector doesn't match. But if it was an HDD issue, or File system issue, NONE of the games should work. Im not understanding this correctly, or Im just hitting a block wall.Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

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    Search for our MW3 guide. It's also applicable to BO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmarlo View Post
    Search for our MW3 guide. It's also applicable to BO.
    I have followed BOTH the MW3 and BO guide. And Im still getting 0 results. All I get is a black screen for a few seconds, then it does the gray wii screens, and back to the system menu. And I have checked using syscheck, I have 224[57] and 250[57] at D2X-V7 installed.

    Im still at a loss, I do find the new Game IOS selection for USB Loader GX to be Sketchy. Could that be my issue??
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    Iv installed D2X-V6, under the guidlines that it was the one that worked best with MW2 and BO. And again, I get the same black screen and flashing gray wii screens. I guess Im going to have to stick to the disks for these ones.


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