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Thread: COD Black Ops won't load

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    COD Black Ops won't load

    Hello all... I'm very new to the Wii and have a soft-modded black 4.3U version. All the games I got runs fine with my USB hard drive except for Call of Duty Black Ops. With this game, it goes up to the "Loading..." text and then just stays there as if it's loading but nothing happens. I've read that it requires a different IOS. It's been awhile since I did the mods on my Wii and need specific instructions on how to link the new IOS to the Black Ops game. I still have the utilities I used to softmod it originally but not sure how to go about it now. Also, will changing the IOS make the other games not work? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks very much in advance. (By the way, I'm not all that interested in "online" playing with it as it's not connected to the net anyway; just want to play the basic game that's on the ISO.)

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    Look here-->
    All the settings apply to black Ops aswell.

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