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Thread: Cant find emulator for wii .iso file? Need urgent help?

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    Exclamation Cant find emulator for wii .iso file? Need urgent help?

    First of all I am quite new at handling .wbfs files, but I downloaded a .wbfs file for the game PokePark-2. I googled it on how to run it on my PC, but only found links to convert the file to .iso, so I converted it and tried to run it in an emulator named "Dolphin ver0.45 build 78". But it crashes telling me I need some OpenGL files and the error told me to check the log file. I opened up the log file and it read like this

    Unhandled Exception
    Code: 0xC0000005
    Call stack info:
    ntdll!0x7C9118D0 : RtlDeleteCriticalSection
    0x024DD6A7 : ?
    0x0256CF46 : ?
    ntdll!0x7C9011A7 : LdrInitializeThunk
    ntdll!0x7C923F31 : LdrShutdownProcess
    kernel32!0x7C81C9FE : IsValidLocale
    kernel32!0x7C81CA76 : ExitProcess
    0x0256CA6F : ?
    0x0256CC5C : ?
    0x0256CC85 : ?
    0x024B76B1 : ?

    I can't understand all of the above, so I ask your help to suggest me an emulator and if possible put in the download link as well!!
    Thanks with Regards!

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