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Thread: Black Ops & MW3 Same Issue Frozen video and long beep

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    Black Ops & MW3 Same Issue Frozen video and long beep

    I've tried searching google everywhere, and I'm hoping I'm posting this in the right place. I am a friends boyfriend hacked my wii for me and I dont really know much about it, I do know that I am using the USBLoaderGX to play my games since its easier to do somethings on it.

    The problem I'm having is, the other games i have on my Wii work perfect, only Black Ops and MW3 give me the SAME problem. I play in Single Player or MultiPlayer mode, (mostly single) and as I try to play the video will go normally and the sound then all of the sudden everything freezes and i get a long BEEEEEEPPPP as if something is broken. Now I'm confused, because I gave the same game to a friend and it works PEFECT on her Wii...they have a Mario Limited Edition Red, mine is the standard White wii, she uses a Western Digital Hard Drive and I use a Toshiba, not sure if it matters that I have to unplug and replug the hard drive in to get the loaders to recongize the hard drive. I do want to mention that I have my red/white/yellow cords plugged into a VCR rather than the TV since my tv is an older model that doesnt have them behind it, not sure if that can be an issue as again I have no problem playing any othe game.

    Sorry if I'm jumping all over the place, the games as far as i nkow are NTSC, and I'm using IOS 251 to play the games. If I'm doing anything wrong or if anyone can give me the SLIGHTEST advice thatd be great.

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    Search for our MW3 guide.


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