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Thread: Need some help installing WAD files

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    Question Need some help installing WAD files

    Hello all,

    I've run into a problem while trying to install wad files via MMM on homebrew. I softmodded my 4.3u Wii using Mauifrog's guide, and everything is working great. But for some reason when I try to install virtual console games in wad format, I receive the following error----> ticket (-2011). I am unfamiliar with softmodding and the methodology involved, so I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what I need to do.


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    Select the bottom option to load another IOS and select 236 or 36. Then try to install the wad again.

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    It worked! You're the man Jizzle! Thank you.

    Do I need to switch the IOS back afterwards or does that matter?

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