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Thread: USB Loaders return to wii menu after starting.

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    USB Loaders return to wii menu after starting.

    I followed Mauifrogs softmod any Wii guide to softmod my Wii and have USB loader GX as well as configurable USB loader, Wiiflow and Neogamma installed, as per the guide. However, whenever I open any of these, with or without a USB HDD connected, it shows the loading screen for the loader and then just goes back to the Wii menu. I searched but couldn't find any similar problems. Help me please!

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    Looks like you are opening the forwarders to these channels, which are channels on your wii menu.

    The forwarder channels are like shortcuts - they are not the actual app itself. The forwarder just links to the app on your SD/HDD. So you must have your HDD plugged in and the apps on it to be able to operate the forwarder channel.

    Hope this helped


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