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Thread: Drawsome! Tablet requesting system update .. safe on softmodded wii ?

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    Question Drawsome! Tablet requesting system update .. safe on softmodded wii ?

    Was trying drawsome for the first time today.
    Upon disc insertion I get a message that "This disk requires system update to run, press ok to start system update".

    I wonder if any one of you guys tried drawsome and knows if the update is compatible with a modded wii.

    TIA ..

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    Dont do the update! It will kill your softmod. You need to install priiloader and enable the hacks that block the disc update check and block system updates. If it has been awhile since you modded you can follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide. It will update your mod and also give you priiloader.

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    Thanks for the reply Jizzle.
    I just wanted to confirm as I initially thought it was some kind of safe system update (like the one on "You Fit" which has the camera drivers).
    I will look into priiloader.
    Thanks again.

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    I am just confirming that priiloader setting to "Disable disc updates" fixed this issue.
    Thanks again Jizzle


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