Hello friends,

After getting burgled, I saved up for a while to get a nintendo wii. When I saved up enough to buy one , the kids demanded with their own lists of games. I ended up getting a second hand one with D2sun and few backups on a 40gb HDD. We have a lot of games from our previous wii so it was okay until now. I understand I must not ask nooby questions but I would appreciate if someone can point me to right direction as I dont get enough time off from work to look into details of many threads. My questions, if someone can kindly answer or point towards answers, are

  • How do I know which version of D2SUN key I have, I understand there are few versions?
  • What is the best game loading software. I have uloader but it is painfully slow.
  • I am assuming D2SUN has its own software to transfer games from PC to HD. Is this software specific to each D2SUN version or there is a generic one? I will appreciate if you can point me in the direction or give me link to this software.
  • My homebrew channel is just empty with bubbles. Do I need to put some files on SD card, is there a site for popular SD cards material download
  • We had wii fit inside the wii when it was stolen, this replacement D2SUN wii has got wii fit game but how can I install the channel on the main menu?
  • Our wii balance board was not stolen but over the time when we didnt had wii, kids did not check the batteries. They were leaked and corroded the battery compartment, also snapped one spring. Now wii balance board wont switch on the power. I appreciate this question is not in regards to wii hacks but I will be truly thankful if someone who had similar experience can help on this issue. I cannot afford a new balance board for now and I am sure there must be a way around to fix it. Is it okay to use tin foils as spring replacements?

I again apologize if I have broken any rules by asking these questions and would truly appreciate the help.

Many thanks