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Thread: PS3 v3.30 mod question

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    I just got a PS3 20gig with a system 3.30 on it, what's the best way to mod this now? Hardware/softmod/etc. etc. Any help would really be appreciated

    Thank you very much

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    upgrade to 3.55 ofw then to custom 3.55 fw....i use kmeaw...but there are plenty to choose from

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    Awesome man! Thank you, Ill look into all what that entails. Time for a few weeks of thorough research. You've given me a great start man.

    1 more question, if I want Netflix on my PS3 now, what should I be aware of prior to trying to install it? Like will it want me to update to 4.XX (whatever the newest firmware is) and what not?

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    yes it will want u to log into psn in order to watch netflix....that is the only thing i didn't like about netflix on ps3...i've got 2 ps3's for that reason one for netflix and one hacked...for netflix you will have to be on current firmware...i suggest getting a jeep wii for netflix ' or a cheep bluray player

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    Thats good info and exactly what I thought about Netflix. So, you know how is the best Wii mod site on the Internet, what would you say is the PS3 jailbreaking equivalent site?


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