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Thread: Softmod 4.1U help

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    Softmod 4.1U help

    Hi I have a softmodded 4.1U wii and I have a slight problem. I allowed my friend to borrow my wii and for some reason he decided to format it. Now the wii won't allow me to play without an update, but every time i try to update the wii it says "update fail".

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    can you still launch priiloader? do you still see your homebrew channel? sounds like your friend did a system update. a remod may be in order. i believe if u still have priiloiader, the system hacks may be preventing you from updating from the big n, u dont wanna do that. remod using the any wii guide.

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    All of my homebrew is gone. I guess remoding it would be the best solution. I just hope it works, and I don't end up bricking my wii.

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