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Thread: cIOS36 Installing Error!

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    cIOS36 Installing Error!

    I wanted to get Waninkokos SD-USB Loader 1.5 to work but it needed the cios36. so i download the cios36 rev9 installer and tried to install it but it came up with error ret = -1017. So i tried using dop mii to install it and it installed until it got to a bit saying something about nand and an error (-1). I tried to do a system check but it said couldn't access TMD of IOS36 (something like that) so i am worried that there is something wrong with ios36!! So i want help installing ios36 safely and getting Waninkokos SD-USB Loader 1.5 to work!

    Please help i really need Waninkokos SD-USB Loader 1.5 to work because i need it to load games off my SD card, or if you can tell me a loader that can load games off the sd card? But mainly i want to fix ios36.

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    Will it work if i installed (IOS36-64-v1042.wad) through wad installer? will it fix the IOS36 errors?
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    Neogamma loads from SD. That link you provided was to an app that is 4 years old. That is ancient by modding standards. If you would like, post a syscheck (guide in my sig below) and we can take a look to see what you need.

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