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Thread: ps1 backup discs or hd backup for ps3?

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    ps1 backup discs or hd backup for ps3?

    I had a old ps1 that could play backup cds for years and years and it has finally read its last disc. I have a ps3 slim that i am finally considering modding, with ps3key or any sort of soderless mod. im too chicken for that.

    What are the advantages of one or the other or any information about this whole process. Can backup games made for ps1 work as a ps1 game in a ps3? I assume they are a copy of a game disc but i can not remember, it was also years and years ago when i saved in the first place.

    I also havea fat ps3 that has yold/ryold/bricked, so though if a fat ps3 is my only option for these types of abilities i could throw down the cash but should i get it repaired or by a new fat one? Would it stil eventually burn out? Could i then also add burnt ps2 discs and game back ups?


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    I would really like to know this as well.


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