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Thread: Having a little trouble...

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    Having a little trouble...

    Hey guys, I'm really new (like two days) to this whole scene so please take it easy on me!

    I have a 4.2U Wii and a FAT32 500GB HDD. I followed a tutorial and was able to install THC pretty quickly. From there, I installed the Configurable USB Loader and a couple of IOS's ... the d2x C105, the cIOS38r17, and IOS236. Everything seemed to be going smoothly - Mario Kart and Kirby's Epic Yarn play fine. But when I go to play anything else, it freezes when it starts to boot the game. It doesn't give me any other message than "Booting game" and then it just stays there.

    The whole ISO things has been a little confusing for me. Configurable USB Loader says:

    IOS222: stub
    IOS223: stub
    IOS224: not installed
    IOS245: not installed
    IOS246: not installed
    IOS247: not installed
    IOS248: not installed
    IOS249: 37 d2x v6 (r21006)
    IOS250: 38 rev17 (r65535)

    Am I doing something boneheadedly wrong here? I thought I followed all of the directions since Mario Kart and Kirby work. My games are in .wbfs format and I used wiijmanager on OSX to put the files on my HDD.

    If anybody could help, I would appreciate it immensely! Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    Which Guide did you follow?

    If you want have a read at the link of the bottom of my Signature,(Soft Mod Any Wii).
    Start from Soft Mods With Homebrew Channel Installed,And follow the rest of the Guide.

    Read Everything First A couple of times

    Your Welcome MrMcCahan!!
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    Got it up and running! Thanks a million!


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