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Thread: GameCube Backup Manager ?

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    Question GameCube Backup Manager ?

    I've been looking around for a while but still haven't found a GameCube Backup Manager for Mac OSX or Windows.
    After looking into the code of Wii Backup Manager it shouldn't be to hard for 'fig' the developer to adjust / add some code to read the gcm extension and gamecube ISO.
    When i was looking into the Wii ISO header code and Gamecube gcm header code it almost looks the same so i hope there will be someone so nice to help us die hard game collectors to realize this into a new/updated Wii/GCM manager.
    Here is the code i was talking about:
    Wii ISO
    SSJPKM                  ]    SummerStars2012 47390
    G5SP7D                      3=Spyro
    ISO GameCube
    G6SP7D                     3=The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
    Anyone some input about it ?
    And yes i know config. usb loader can read gamecube files, but i like to see on my computers what i have / need, since those are online 27 hours a day !
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    The closest I've found to wii backup manager was using the iso shrinker GCMUtility and Disc ex for putting the iso's in folders like backup manager does. I really hope wii backup manager will add gamecube compatibility though.

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    I'm sorry but putting the iso's in a folder ???
    You didn't really read my thread or so, i was not asking for a tool to collect iso's in a folder.
    That you can do yourself with one click without any tool.
    That really doesn't make sense to me why you posted that. Wii Backup Manager is soo much more then that !
    I won't rant any further but i had to say something about it.
    my $ 0.02

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