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Thread: How To Back Up Gamecube Games On Wii (USB)

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    Exclamation How To Back Up Gamecube Games On Wii (USB)

    hello there wii hacks community, this is a little heads up for something the just updated a few days ago.

    i found out that updating configurable USB loader, you can back up GC games now!

    a full tutorial on how to get it here:
    Configurable USB Loader

    the version in that thread, is an older version. since it is older, you should be prompted to update. once you update, if you look carefully, one of the new features, is gamecube game support now.

    to install a game cube game, you obviously must put your gamecube game in. obviously have your USB plugged in. and select the install option.

    it should say the disk size is a fairly large number. this changes after it converts the file to a smaller format. for example, i installed naruto clash of ninja 2, it was 1.3 gigabytes roughly, after the install and conversion, it was only .36 gigabytes, so dont worry about wasting space.

    thank you for taking time to read this!
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    Hey thanks for sharing but I have a question. I have the newest version of the wii which has no gamecube support. I use usb loader and wiiflow. But I will now download and use this for gamecube support. I have the iso of legend of zelda windwaker. To put wii backups on my external hard drive i use WBFS Manager. So my question is would I use that program to put the game on the harddrive with the rest of my wii back ups. And then I would have to use config usb to play the game. Or would it not work like that.

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    Is this legit? The video is a Rick roll but batman...

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    i can confirm that it was added to the modded version of USB configurable loader. the version that first has gamcube ripping support is version 70r32. the current version is 70r34. you can just update it within the program if you are already on a previous version of the modded version. i haven't been able to find much info but it looks like it will allow booting of retail disks with DML now

    here is a link to the updates.txt for cfg loader mod

    updates.txt - cfg-loader-mod - Configurable USB Loader MOD - Google Project Hosting

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