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    help need

    i got wii on 4.1 and have the homebrew on it i have super mario party 9 on my hdd drive and i use wbfs but the all usb loader will load than when i press the game it brings me back to home brew channel help is wbfs no good now

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    Hard to say, it could be your loader, your cios, your iso, your hdd. I personally did not have good luck with wbfs, game iso eventually corrupted, not sure if it was wbfs or the loader, but who knows. You'll need to do some trouble shooting, first update your cios and loaders, then try loading the game on different cios and different loader settings. If that fails, try a fresh dump of the game.
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    got it to work thank

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    the will flow still dont work that the only one not working

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    I need help

    I have recently gotten a new computer and it has windows 7. I for some reason can't add games to my drive. is there a different game manager that anyone would suggest? or is it jut with windows 7 that I am having a problem? Please help!!!!

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    windows 7 do work i use it use softmod wii guid here are you using backmanger or wbfs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas Eicher View Post
    windows 7 do work i use it use softmod wii guid here are you using backmanger or wbfs
    I was using wbfs and I also tried wii manager i think it was called. nothing seems to work. I will check the guide and go from there. Thanks!!!


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