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Thread: HDD doesnt like black wii?

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    Us HDD doesnt like black wii?

    Is it possible that a hdd isnt compatible with a wii. I modded a friend black wii with the softmod guide, followed the guide to a tee. Also updated my white wii using the guide. I formatted the drive to fat32 and did all the steps I did with mine. I tried usbloader, uloader and wiiflow none of those loaders worked with the black wii. The game would loaded and freeze on the game warning screen, I had to unplugged the wii to reset it. I plugged my hdd in formatted fat32 and it worked in the black wii. I take her hdd and plugged it into my white wii and it worked. I dont understand how both wiis modded the exact same way, only difference is mine older, that her hdd will not work with the black wii.

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    Hi Nicole i'm guessing you have run system checks on both units, You have both HDD set primary & active, You have both HDD running the same versions of USB loaders etc: If you have complete mirror setups all will be good. Are both HDD using usb 2.0, lots of things to work through.

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    Yes its identical file structure and everything...I dont understand how my hdd works in both system and her hdd works in mine and not hers.

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    did u check the hdd for the black wii against this thread?....

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    I just went ahead and used wbfs format and its working, go figure?


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