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Thread: Backing up HDD question

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    Backing up HDD question

    I have 2tb hard drive fully loaded. I want to get 3tb hard drive so I can add more games and backup the ones all ready on my 2tb drive. My question is, is it as simple as "ghosting" the 2tb to the 3tb drive or do I have to use the wii game manager to copy each one over to the new drive?

    Although my files are all ready .wbfs format, when I tried to add new games to my existing 2tb drive, I found that they were not recognized unless loaded with wii game manager.

    I'm using Config SB loader.

    Thanks for any help.

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    In my experience if the correct settings are on the new 3TB (active, primary) and the correct wbfs folder structure exists you should be able to drag and drop any WBFS directly...i have several backups of my games stored on 2 PC's one is purely a storage PC with no backup manager and i can drag and drop my wbfs to my 1TB usb HD....the other I do transfer via a backup manager onto the same 1TB drive I find no difference to gameplay or compatability with the games i transfer.

    hope this helps


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