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Thread: Want to buy your broken black wii

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    Want to buy your broken black wii

    I am looking to purchase a broken black wii. Wii's case must be in good shape. Shipping would be to 02822. Please send me a picture and a price if you have what I am looking for.

    Thank you!

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    check craigslist for broken wii's. ive seen a few broken ones on there but mostly the ones i find are white. we may get lucky and get a black one (i would like to have a older black one that has the gamecube ports or a red one. ) not interested in a new black one or blue without gamecube ports.

    hope you find a black wii that needs repair. also check ebay in teh parts and repair section of black wii listings. you may find one there. ive saw em there too.

    good luck


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