I have a JAP region Wii. I recently borrowed skyward sword from my friend and ofcourse, updated to 4.3j without knowing it.
I've gone through the process of softmodding ( ARC, HBC, PriiLoader, etc) except that after completing that process my wii wouldn't play physical discs.
After some digging, i found out i have to change my modchip's region to be able to play disk games.
I'm not interested in downloading games and running them from a USB HDD whatsoever.
I like my hardcopy games thanks.

So my questions would be:
What Mod-chip do i have??
imgur: the simple image sharer
Can i simply cut the wires of the chip and bypass this mess?
if not, How do i go about changing the region of the chip?

Apologies if this is the wrong section and thank you for any help you may provide.