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Thread: Slow Frame Rate when Playing Skyward Sword

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    Slow Frame Rate when Playing Skyward Sword

    Uh, Hi.I softmodded my 4.3U Wii and I installed cIOS 249 (that d2x v8 one...). All the games I have run perfectly with it on USB Loader GX 2.3 but whenever I load Skyward Sword from the Disc Channel (Original Disc) I have a slow frame rate, like it's chopped up or something. I think it's Priiloader having to do something with blocking disc updates but i'm not sure. I'll post a System Check after I take a shower ...Before I softmodded my Wii Skyward Sword was running smoothly with no frame skips or sluggishness. But now it's as I said.Can someone guide me to fix this?

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    Have you tried installing the game to your HDD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublewonderful View Post
    Have you tried installing the game to your HDD?
    Yes. I tried playing both the backup and the original disc. Both of them run slower than before softmodding it.

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    * try other 'new' game does it still do it ?
    * try other wii motion plus games still do it ?
    * try from different TV if it still does it ?
    * post syscheck2 maybe a real user can help ;P
    * backup the game using different ver of USB loader ?[*]USB Loader GX (Bug: Cannot initialize WIFI) - Official Website

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    * Wii Sports Resort and Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland work perfectly.
    * ^ WSP works perfectly.
    * No extra TV to try.
    * Sure (Didn't have enough time with school. Exams :P)
    * My friend had his own retail disc and he backed it up on his Wii. It runs smoothly there. So it's not a version problem. (I think)

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