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Thread: Playing emulators from your external hard drive??

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    Playing emulators from your external hard drive??

    Hi I recently bought a WD My Passport Essential 500gb HD. It's formatted at FAT32. This is my 2nd HD as I didn't do my research when I bought my first one yesterday and it wasn't compatible in the end.. My Wii is 4.3 fully soft modded and has homebrew and all that. Problem is everything is on my SD card. But because of the obvious size difference, I want to save everything on my HD instead and use that. Is it just a matter of copying all my files and folders over from my SD? Or are there ones that I should avoid transferring? And after everything is copied over, Will the wii automatically detect my HD when its plugged in or? I want my HD to be able to read emulators just when I plug it into my wii

    Any help is appreciated

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    I did exactly what you have describe by copying my sd to the root of my usb HD and then removed the SD and it worked fine.

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    (Cant edit my post so sorry for posting again)
    Sorry my error I read your post too not sure about the emulator running from it as I dont use any emulators.


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