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Thread: Need help playing iso from usb

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    Need help playing iso from usb

    Ok so I have been at this for like 3 days. I can't figure it out, Ive been all over this forum. So this is my cry for help.

    I Have completed installing The HBC channel and all of the WAD. I pretty muh completed the Hack any wii guide. Now I looked at the usb compatibility guide and went out and got a 8gb PNY attache flash drive. I decided to use wiiflow, as the other ones seemed to complicated at the time. I formated the flash drive for ntfs ( orwhatever it is) I made my wbsf folder and put the iso in there. I put the flash drive in the correct slot, and loaded up wiiflow. IT detecs nothing. Everything I do just seems to ignore my flash drive. I'm not sure what to do. honestly I'm just lost and frustrated. MY old wii and all its games were stolen nd I cannot afford to buy them all again so this is really my only option. If someone can tell me what I am doing wrong it would be much appreciated.

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    ive only been round a month or two so this is not a definative answer but i believe the problem is your using an iso instaed of a wbfs file, so to rectify you want a game manager (i use wii game manager) to convert yoiur iso to wbfs,create subdirectory then put in folder (wbfs) on usb, if that makes sense? be back with some links in a mo

    i use fat 32, its easy as @@@@ and shiftlock/pob did a great guide for it here
    or if you really want ntfs there is a guide fro that round here too but i cant find it right now, hpe that helps
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    Ah your help was extremely helpful. I played mario galaxy today using wiiflow. I think I had to reinstall my WADs because of an acidental sd card format I did earlier as well.

    Thank you

    That being said, any Idea how to add game covers to wiiflow? I followed the instructions and my png file is in the boxcover folder on my SD card, but no luck. Whenever I try to download them from wii flow it just keeps loading it for like 10 minutes and then I get impatient and turn the system off.

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    for covers in my loaders, what i did was use my mobile as a portable wifi hot spot link the wii to it and just download them directly with the loader. i have no experience of transfering file from my pc to do it friend sorry but some one will know im sure...and just keep reading this site really does have it all
    impatience will not help you friend, i would advise that you download and give it reasonable time to complete request. good luck
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