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Thread: Hello, Need Help with calling something Neogammer that is neogamma

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    Hello, Need Help with calling something Neogammer that is neogamma

    Hello, I just discovered wii softmodding and such. I can finally get all those games I left home to my newphew before I joined the military . Anyway , My issue is , because I don't have a Flashdrive or ext. HDD. I have to use neogammer with a SD card. I plan on getting a EXT HDD later, but right now funds are tight (Baby Girl on the way ) . Now , Neogammer is great , nothing nice to look at , but its ok . It runs everything except kirby's return to dreamland... which is what my wife really wants ( go figure) . So my question is , I have looked EVERYwhere , and not found a fix to run it on neogammer. It goes to the data selection then runs a error. I tried 3 different ISOs and its all the same. I saw where you can change some loaders to 250 iso , but you can't do that on neogammer ,and the others wont allow me to run games of a SD card... So is there any advice you can give or am I going to have to wait til I get the HDD?


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    The latest version of neogrammar automatically detects the correct IOS and loads it. What guide did you use to mod, and also why dont you have the original disc? I got the part about your nephew, but is he keeping it in storage for you or something?

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    No , I gave him my wii before I left, and when I got him that game for his birthday.Recently I got my own Wii , so all my previous games are with him back at home. I still buy games , but I really dont want to buy games I already bought. Anyway I used the guide posted on your signature. Kirby is the only game that gives me issues. Everything else Works great.


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