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Thread: Banner Bricked Wii Help

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    Banner Bricked Wii Help

    I got a banner bricked wii, I don't have money for items and I do not have Preloader installed. Is there any sort of way I can fix it without taking it in anywhere and can use a SD card?

    P.S. Hello :P

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    No. I was a noob when I hacked it (WHATEVER ITS CALLED) and two reasons

    1: I never thought of it :c

    2: My wii serial is LU3511, so I don't know if I can.

    IS there anything I can do? Please stay with me on this.

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    It will take time and money to fiix it. To be fixed it needs a modchip, a gc controller, a compatible dvd drive, verbatum dvd -r media, time, and more time.


    Did you install darkcorp or cioscorp or softcorp?
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    Neither. I was a n00b back then and I am sorta still a noob! Well nevermind, I went to play n trade and they will offer a used one for 90 dollars... with everything I owned apart of the wii, so well, maybe for my birthday or christmas... I really wanted an iPad..

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    I'm sure if you put it for sale you could probably get a couple dollars here... we have members with modchips/extra drives who might be willing to gamble a little. Might help to defray cost of a new one.


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