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Thread: WII games problem , need help plz

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    WII games problem , need help plz

    HI all
    i have a weird problem, my games run on my wii using usbloader gx but after an hour or 2 from playing, the sound in the game will stop but sound effect will still be there and i cant access the game menu or save the game
    i also noticed that my hdd green light is off but i can hear it ruining and i cant go back to wii menu screen, i have to rest the wii by pressing the power button for 5 second.

    here my wii details :

    homebrew channel 1.0.8 IOS58
    usb loader gx 2.3
    WD my passport HDD usb 3.0 + 2.0
    d2x CIOS ver 8

    PLZ help me

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    I think your hard drive is falling asleep.? Download the WD smartware app and disable sleeping.

    WD Support / Downloads / My Passport

    Ps if you install priiloader and under settings change "shutdown to: off", your wii will fully shut down instead of sleeping when pressing the power button on the wiimote. This is useful because it wonte keep your hard drive on all the time since you will disable sleeping on the hard drive itself.
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    Thanks man, i already disabled sleep mode in the HDD using WD smartware but the problem still there.
    i just found that the HDD itself is not compatible and keep shutting down during game play which cause issues in the games.
    i tested the games on usb flash and they are working fine no freeze or any other issues, so ill just buy myself a large size usb flash around 32GB and use it.


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