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Thread: Biggest SCREW UP!! NOB of the !st Order!!!

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    Biggest SCREW UP!! NOB of the !st Order!!!

    Had Homebrew machine on 4.3E , Son put in Active 2. Machine updating. Update failed!! Son reformatted wii!!!! Now only able to go into update... Seems most of the entry points are stubbed, So unable to access drive to reinstall homebrew...Tried to install bannerbomb getting Failed... Any Ideas or is it a Doorstop and down to GAME for a replacement?

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    You can't bannerbomb a 4.3 Wii. You will have to letterbomb it. Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide. It will get you all fixed up.

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    Tried letterbomb Hombrew channel Failed -1040001012 Bootmii - Failed 1070001012 ?


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