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Thread: Modded my Wii a long time ago (IOS36-64-v1042)... now I don't know how to upgrade it!

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    Post Modded my Wii a long time ago (IOS36-64-v1042)... now I don't know how to upgrade it!

    As title says, I remember modding the wii a very long time ago (IOS36-64-v1042). It still works, but most recent games don't load properly, so I think it's due time for an upgrade (I stopped playing the wii for a long time too). Question is... how do I do it without screwing my Wii up? I don't mind starting over from scratch but... how do I get my Wii back to step 1, so to speak? I'm also (if not mainly) interested in dumping my own original games through SuperDump, like in this guide (, but for that it looks like I need cIOS249-rev14, so we're back to square one: how to proceed without messing my Wii up?


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    Hello Giacomo. The answers to most all of your questions are in the welcome post in your introductory thread. Take a look there. And again, welcome to the site!

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    Great! Thank you! I'm digging in right now! I'll let you know!


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