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Thread: Priiloader doesn't work! Please help!

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    Priiloader doesn't work! Please help!


    So to solve another issue i had with a high pitch noise the Priiloader causes, I have to be able to loader directly to the system menu, BUT but every time i turn on my wii it loads to the priiloader, even though I have it set to "Autoboot to System Menu". Also I can't install any hacks, it just won't let me.

    So how do fix the priiloader so it could load directly to the system menu and how do I make hacks work?

    If the solution is just updating the priiloader, how do I do it because I have looked everywhere to find out. Please help!!! Thx.

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    You can simply install a new version on top of the old. No need to uninstall or anything like that.

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    helpin i hope

    hum if u just modded that wii try takin the bootmii folder of sd card it will go bk to normal!

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