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Thread: CoD MW3 - Return to Sender mission FAIL

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    Angry CoD MW3 - Return to Sender mission FAIL

    Softmod using mauifrog's guide as of a couple weeks ago. Using usbloadergx and cios 250(57) the game loads and runs fine... right up to the last mission in the campaign. The wiimote stops responding a couple minutes into Return to Sender. ​Happens every time in one general area. Same thing when using cios 224.

    Search turned up nothing so now I'm plowing through the guide but finding no mention of my particular problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thx

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    FYI, there was some online play interspersed with campaign play and using the same profile. If this is do to save file corruption could it manifest itself in the way I describe above? Hmmm....
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    Never heard of this problem. You'd be the first I know of to report this issue.
    If I find anything I'll report back, if not, you'll have to solve this by yourself.

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    Hahaha...I like your sense of humor.

    Okay, I found some info on another site, whether it's relevant
    to your problem remains to be seen, but, when you've got nothing to lose..

    OK, I have got it working. Needed to restart the mission, and it didn't crash. These were my exact steps:

    Select Campaign from Main Menu

    Select Mission Select
    Select Act II
    Select Return to Sender

    replay and made it through.
    Start the mission over from choose a level ... If your stuck in the campaign mode , it will be stuck forever .... but if you go to choose a level and restart that level it should work .... I have had that type of issues with all of the COD games .,....
    Again, don't know if this will help, but it's all I could find. Good luck, and stay funny lol.

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    It was a good thought. I was able to push further into the mission but it's still hanging at various places. Common denominator if the S hitting the F - which is to say when the Wii is really struggling with frame-rate.

    I have a few ideas to try out. Thanks for the research!

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    Well.. well.. well. Breezed right through the mission using the cfgloader. Really want to make this work with gx. If anyone has any thoughts on what settings to tweak, I'm all ears. Everything is default except cios=250.


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