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Thread: Homebrew Filter rev37

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    Homebrew Filter rev37

    The HomebrewFilter is a drop-in replacement for the Homebrew Channel - it allows Homebrew applications to be loaded and sorted, among other more outstanding opportunities. Homebrew Filter by hamachi-mp was discontinued by after he released the source code, Excelsiior continued the project.

    Compared to the Homebrew Channel, the HomebrewFilter features the following additional functionality:

    - boot GameCube Homebrew
    - boot into external loaders (Uniiloader, Priiloader)
    - load Homebrew from SD, USB, DVD or All
    - load Homebrew from FAT, NTFS or EXT2/3/4 formatted devices
    - categorize Homebrew (without the need to change directories)
    - download additional content directly from within The HomebrewFilter


    - on-the-fly updates via network connectivity

    - child-lock mode
    - screen adjustment options
    - edit meta.xml from within the HomebrewFilter

    Download Homebrew Filter rev37
    Source- GBAtemp


    - improved update-mechanism:

    copy the old boot.dol to prev.dol
    save the downloaded file rather than loading from RAM
    BUGFIX: make downloading a Beta version work

    - BUGFIX: installer no longer crashes when IOS253 exists

    - IOS253 is no more selectable as IOS to load an app with
    - added a new loader-menu (allows to enter special loaders):

    NAND-Emu (Uniiloader) (must be one of sd:/apps/NANDEmu-Boot/boot.dol or usb:/apps/NANDEmu-Boot/boot.dol) -- HBF only allows to boot into Uniiloader if IOS253 is present
    Priiloader: returns to priiloader (regardless of autoboot setting)

    - 'Return to System Menu' now ignores Priiloader and always enters System Menu
    - Support for Homebew on DVD
    - if HW_AHBPROT is available also apply DI2_ReadLimit and NewTrucha patches
    - No longer show the HBC if it's installed
    - New option for disabling the 'All' category (takes effect only if atleast
    one other category exists (obviously)) [ZERO]
    - BUGFIX: changing pages in an empty category no longer crashes [ZERO]
    - Accessing devices formatted as EXT2/3/4 should now be noticeably faster
    - compiled with devkitppc 25-1 and libogc 1.8.10 (support for latest WiiMotes)
    - For theme designers: the following new icons have been added:

    choice_large (device menu)
    dvd_active (device menu)
    dvd_inactive (device menu)
    all_active (device menu)
    all_inactive (device menu)
    loader_active (loader menu)
    loader_inactive (loader menu)
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    how do you burn apps to dvd ?

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    thanks i did what you said and its working


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