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Thread: Wii will not play any discs please help

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    Wii will not play any discs please help

    Hi, im new at all this and i dont quite know all the terms and lingo, a friend of mine walked me through step by step on hacking my wii, since then an issue arose between us and we are no longer friends. anyways, i need help fixing some issues with the wii, people with patience please im new at all this. initially i wanted to unhack it altogether but realized that that risks bricking it even more so can anyone help me fix the issues so that all my game discs play and do not come with error "can not read disc"

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    Are you talking about backups, genuine or both?

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    Genuine game discs that we bought from the store

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    could you post a syscheck? your mod may need to be updated.

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    How do I do that

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    Looks like you need to update you mod here's a link to the guide
    you can start at Chapter 2 then you should be good to go.

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    Followed the guide exactly and the discs will still not load

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    Every original disc causes that error? None of them work?

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