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Thread: could'nt install letterbomb

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    could'nt install letterbomb

    First ,i modded my wii with system menu 4.3u
    By mistake i rest wii to factory default but the menu is now 4.1u
    i tried to update wii to latest wii 4.3u
    no way.
    now when itry to install letterbomb system freeze .
    How can i install new menu 4.3u and reinstall homebrew channel?

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    You could try using the 4.0-4.2 Bannerbomb v2 instead of Letterbomb

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    resetting the wii will not change the SM, you must have been on 4.1 to start with. As stated above, just use bannerbomb.

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    worked with bannerbomb

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    thank you everybody


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