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Thread: Games wont show in loader after being added to HDD

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    Games wont show in loader after being added to HDD

    After adding a game to my HDD via WBFS it shows on my HDD.

    On the USB Loader CFG it wont show the game.

    On USB Loader GX it shows it but hides one of my games that was already on there.

    Does anyone know my problem?

    This is the first time I've encountered this.

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    memk. When i first read your post i wonderd if you are using old GX loader with a WBFS formatted drive. If so I don't think CFG Works with WBFS formatted drive, Don't be mistaken with WBFS file format. And a WBFS formatted drive. Yes your FAT32 NTFS drive can store a wbfs file. Visible to Windows and Wii. Are you ripping straight to drive from disc,Are you using a file manager? WBFS, Game manager???? Read more you may need to give us all a little more info maybe a system check for starters.
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    I was using GX2.3 on a WBFS formatted drive also I know about WBFS files.

    The game was an .iso added via WBFS manager

    CFG has been able to read my WBFS drive earlier. This is only the one specific game.

    Is there more that needs to be known?

    This worked for Mario Party 9, but not for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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    bump please

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    Bmarlo said this in a different post a few minutes ago...

    Quote Originally Posted by bmarlo View Post
    Sounds like a bad download. Rip the iso from the original disc, and then burn it again.
    Same applies to you, only reload the game to your drive instead of burning...


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