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Thread: sony ps2 while unlocking said "memory card contain no valid file"

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    sony ps2 while unlocking said "memory card contain no valid file"

    hi guys i need your help, i got sony ps2 and i am trying to unlock it. so when i click on "LOAD MISSION" it says Memory card slot1 contain no valid file.

    i don't keep any file inside this memory card, i am following part3 video.

    can any body let me know which valid file i have to keep in memory card.

    i already insert 1)-agent under fire 007 disc, 2)-memory card, 3)-usb drive in ps2 console.

    thanks for your replies.

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    I unlocked mine along time ago. But i used a mem card exploit called "ESR". What i did was watched a youtube video showing me how to block the 3 sensors that the PS2 has. Then i made a "ESR" disc using imgburn. Then i took a old PS1 game of mine and did a swap disc trick to load the "Esr" disc. Once i got "ESR" installed to my PS2 mem card. Then everything i had backed-up on discs. I patched them discs using the "ESRGui" you can find it all on Hopefully this helps you out.

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    i am using Disc "007 Agent under Fire Red lable Disc" my memory card detected. i stuck at "PRECIOUS CARGO" because this PRECIOUS CARGO is not there in my Disc. but i can see "trouble in patradise". i tried right & left arrow , it dosen't move or not shows any other like PRECIOUS CARGO etc.

    so can any body let me know how i can get PRECIOUS CARGO.
    i am following this video.

    thanks for your reply.

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    SKS Apps - Exploit Systems - Wii Ps3 Ps2 Apps - Homebrew Game Downloads

    Try this site out. Hopefully this helps you softmod ur ps2. This site helped me alot during the years.


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