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Thread: Unused/Not needed Club Nintendo codes?

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    Unused/Not needed Club Nintendo codes?

    Helloooo. i i just found out about something called Club Nintendo, when i was going through my games. And so you enter these codes on the site from your games and you can get prizes. there is this awesome Mushroom tote bag that i want for 250 coins, Sadly, after entering all my codes i only total up to 160. does anyone have any they don't need? o:

    If so you can pm them to mee. D
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    I don't, sorry. But I do have some extra coins I can give to you. I'll see if there's any way to transfer them.

    Or you can go to a game store, rent games and register their codes. Or buy a couple used games, register their codes, then return them the next day haha. Some places don't have a return policy so you have to be careful about that one.

    EDIT: Can't transfer coins on club nintendo Hope someone else comes through with some codes!
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    I have exactly 250 coin balance, I can change the email and you can have the account and buy your bag and then change the adreess, PM me and ill get back to you
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