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Thread: >>>Larger then 4.38 GB files ?<<<

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    >>>Larger then 4.38 GB files ?<<<

    How do I play a game larger then 4.38 GB from HDD like SSBB ?
    If I use WII backup manager, do I transfer it as ISO or WBFS file?
    is it always WBFS file in to the WII from HDD or can I play ISO from USB or HDD?
    Or must I burn it to DVD DL?

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    Presuming you're doing fat32, Wii backup manager splits it for you automatically. It will make it into a pair of wbfs files.


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    I partitioned my drive, I have a WBFS partition, and a FAT32 partition. I did this before I was told to just make it all FAT32. My games are obviously on the WBFS partition, and the FAT32 has random other files. Is there a way to play the larger games from the WBFS partition? Should I just put them in the other partition? also, I'm on a mac, is there a mac version of wiibackup manager? I'm using WiiJmanager right now. will that work?


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