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Thread: Expert-Pls advise cause of my DVD Error and Unknown Drive!!

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    Expert-Pls advise cause of my DVD Error and Unknown Drive!!


    I have some Ahem games bought from a seller that he burned in Verbatim DVD-R disc. Previously, wii was able to play the DVD until Neogamma was updated to R9. It started to have DVD error with different code and unknown drive. However, my sister has the same bundle of games that she burned herself in Maxwell DVD-R copied from my Verbatim DVD and my wii is able to read her DVD but not mine.

    Can someone advise what cause the differences for Wii to load her burned disc but not mine? What can I do now? Update my wii or to reburn a new disc copied from her disc or extract the ios file from my DVD to play via USB loader? I have USB loader installed but havenít start using it and I tried reading the guide but too much information, confused and stuck.

    Thus, I am seeking for expert to advise and propose a guide on resolving my problem. Thanks in advance.

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