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Thread: Help me please before I throw my Wii out of the window

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    Help me please before I throw my Wii out of the window

    Hi all,

    I bought pre-owned Wii and I've managed to soft-mod it using this tutorial here DO NOT POST LINKS TO OUTSIDE GUIDES. I followed all the steps correctly but when trying to load a game using Neogamma, I get a "DVD error (03023a00), DVD+R/bad burn/DL problem". I'm using DVD-R discs and even changed the booktype to DVD-ROM. I've tried different discs and I suspect that something is missing or not done. After numerous attempts I installed an older version of Neogamma to no avail. I was clutching straws so reinstalled cIOS v8 final wad files using WAD manager. Lastly I installed WiiFlow thinking I can just run games off a USB drive but I get a disc read error too!

    This is so frustrating. I'd be grateful for any advice. Thanks
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    Why don't you ask the guy that wrote that fail guide?
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    Why, is it wrong because I just happen to use a tutorial that I found from google and not from this site??? I was only asking for advice as the blog author doesn't know; there's no need to be a smartarse

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    There are so many guides around the net it is impossible for us to support every one of them. We support our guides, and there are a lot of members and staff that can help you with almost any issue.

    There are a number of different things that can cause that error. Drive too new, wrong cIOS, bad burns, bad drive chip, bad config files. Too many things to really know. I would suggest you follow our Softmod ANY Wii guide. Pay particular attention to the spoiler "Update Any Existing Softmod". It will explain a lot.

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    I managed to softmod again using the "Softmod any WII" guide on here and I still get the same error: "DVD error (03023a00), DVD+R/bad burn/DL problem"
    Just afterI select to load the DVD in Neogamma, it says "reset drive" and then dvd error as above. Any ideas? Thanks.

    The Wii, is pre-owned (mfd 2006). I suspect perhaps the DVD drive has been replaced with a newer one but wouldn't it show an error with something like new DVD drive??
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjizzle View Post
    Do original discs play ok?
    Yep, original discs work fine.

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    USB loading for the win. Discs are always going to be problematic. It might not seem like a helpful reply..... but it is


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    Help..... Problem with games in neogamma
    Dear Wii Hacks,

    hi, can you help!!!!
    in October 2010 I used your 3.1-4.1 softmod any wii.
    i have wii 4.1E (model RVL-001euro) Nintendo D-63760

    the softmod worked perfectly and have never had any problems till now.

    i have updated shopping channel,home brew browser and neogamma.

    but this week when my son goes to play backup games in neogamma keep getting disk I'd errors,bad burn etc.
    i have always used verbatim dvd-r and philips DVD-r discs and never a problem.

    i have 3 versions of neogamma 2 as channels r8 49 and r9 beta 56 and older version in homebrew that I don't use.
    every game I've burned with imageburn the last few days don't work in neogamma keep getting error as above.
    also the games that normally work in neogamma are also now not working and are showing this error. All original wii games work fine.
    i installed the latest neogamma beta 56 and this is playing ben 10 omniverse but not playing lego batman 1.
    now in older version of neogamma I get on the screen reset drive?

    i have done system check and all ok but can't find bootmii fifes. I have the NAND backup on my pc.

    please can you help with what I can to to solve this to get my sons games to work again.

    would I be missing ios files or need to install ios files,or re install bootmii?
    runs on ios61 rev4890
    prilloader installed
    hbrew channel 1.0.0 on ios561
    hollywood vox11
    Boot2 v4
    151 titles/33 ios
    8 stub
    Ios: 4,5,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,20,21,22,28,30,31,33,3 4,35,36,37,38,50,51,53,55,56,60,61,202(1),249(38),
    bc v5
    mios v9

    Your help much appreciated....
    many thanks


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    You should start by trying the suggestions that are already in this thread, the first one being follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide to get your mod up to date...

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