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Thread: Deciding which SD card to buy

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    Deciding which SD card to buy

    So I recently decided to look for an upgrade for my sd card, I currently have a 2gb sd sandisk
    I was looking into getting a 8gb sandisk SDHC, I'm not sure
    heres the link on the one I'm considering SanDisk 8GB SD High Capacity Card (SDSDB-008G-B35): Electronics
    But before I go into purchasing one. I looked around to see the compatibility to see if it works for the wii. I wasn't able to find it :l
    Could anyone point me to which SDHC card I could buy?
    Thanks in advance

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    That should work for you. Wow, cant beat that price!!!! Worth it even if it didnt work!

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    Haha yeah thats exactly why I wanted to upgrade I remember spending about 20$ for the SD card I have now. the extra 6gb would be really nice to have. I hope it works for the homebrew, and dml x]

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    glad i clicked on this thread

    I'll be buyin myself one of these ^_^ I hope it works

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    You should post the stuff it works on so everyone can know which one to buy for the wii

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tristfulness View Post
    You should post the stuff it works on so everyone can know which one to buy for the wii
    BootMii/SD Card Compatibility List - WiiBrew
    SD/SDHC Card Compatibility Tests - WiiBrew

    Keep in mind that these are cards that people submitted as working or not working. One not listed may or may not work. Good rule of thumb seems to be to stay with the SanDisk brand if possible. It's what Nintendo uses for their rebranded cards they sell.

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    I would be careful. I see that they have the 16gb option for $13.56.

    I purchased a 16gb micro SD card from eBay for about the same price. It was fake. Ended up being about 2gb after I fixed it with RMPrepUsb.

    Like they say, "if its too good to be true, it usually is"

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