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Thread: Some Backup Games only playing Audio, but no Video HELP

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    Some Backup Games only playing Audio, but no Video HELP

    I have tried searching "only Audio playing", "no video", etc.. and had no luck so my last resort is to post and hopefully get put in the right direction.

    As the title says, on some of my backup games, they load but only play the audio. The menus are active because i can scroll over them and select them, but I only know that because I can hear it though my speakers.

    I am on 3.2u using Gamma Loader. Non Chipped. I installed Starfall and loaded every option (not that I know how to use Starfall if there is any other way to). I am using Verbatim DVD-R @ 4x (minimum speed on them). This same thing has happened on two different types of disks and tried several times on each... Some of the games that don't work are Guitar Hero III, Mario Party 8, Shaun White's Snowboarding, and a few others. If you guys could give me couple suggestions I would appreciate it.

    If there is any other information on what I am using that could be helpful, please ask, but I think thats it.

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    uninstall some of the settings, it has been known to cause odd issues

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    Which would you prefer I uninstalll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky.Wilson View Post
    Which would you prefer I uninstalll?
    i said uninstall some things, because clearly its a odd issue, and thats usually the fix, i dont know the exact ones, or even if there is a exact science

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    I uninstalled all but the last 3 options in Starfall (I read those are the most important...) any other suggestions?

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    they could be bad dumps, try opening in gecko OS with forced settings, if that doesnt work idk

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    I installed the latest Gecko.. I got "Error: No DVD"... this sucks!

    More Info:

    HBC v1.0.1
    IOS36 v1.48 <---- Is that the correct version to be running?
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