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Thread: Brand new wii Softmod question.

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    Brand new wii Softmod question.

    Sorry for this double post, I think where I posted earlier might be the wrong section. Mods can delete that other one or the other one, depending on which section is more appropriate.

    I've gotten currently gotten up to chapter 2 in this guide (, which is the mod installation step. Before I go through with this, I had a few questions as there seem to be more options, such as MMM and d2x. Also, I am on a 4.3U black wii that was apart of the New Super Mario Bros. pack, so there are also no gc ports -- unsure if this is relevant or not, other than the fact that DVD loading is a no-go? So here are my questions:
    -D2X, MMM, Dop-Mii, Priiloader, IOS236, Hermes, and Trucha exploit -- which order should I do these in and which do I need/not need for max compatibility with running games of USB loader?
    -Should I finish this guide before starting the above installs?
    -I have read on different sites that USB loader uses a certain slot, and that some of these programs (d2x, mmm, dop-mii, etc...) could possibly fill up the slot that the USB loader would use?
    -Also, how do I ensure that I can still use the WiiStore? E.g. should I log into the store before continuing with any more mods to receive all store updates? Or do I just use the mod in this chapter 2 step to keep use of the store ( I have seen on other sites that alternative ways may be necessary to preserve the wii store functionality with mods such as d2x?

    EDIT: I just updated finished chapter 3 in the Softmod Any Wii guide. I'm guessing that IOS236 is installed in the guide, which also deals with the Trucha exploit. I'm guessing I don't really need Dop-Mii or MMM after the 2nd chapter in that guide... So i'm basically left just wondering about D2X? Do I install D2X OVER everything I did in that guide?

    And how do I access the webstore, just like normal or ...?
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    your on the right track just follow the softmod any wii guide, youll have everything you need if you finish the guide.

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    Hmm,so it turns out yeah after following the guide I pretty much have everything.

    I have a question then, in the WiiFlow guide for WW/VC emulation, exactly what step do I start off on? Do I just extract the NAND and place it in the proper place or what?

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    well in my exp..... start from the begining lol....

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    Quote Originally Posted by souralien View Post
    well in my exp..... start from the begining lol....

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    dont get me wrong skelli im a still a newb but ive never gone wrong with 8 mods starting with the begining of the guide. @kimdo... if you read all of the guide your wondering about and then read, and read it again, and even maybe again, youll benefit from it trust me. im nuts about knowing what im doing long before i do it. (read this website for 2 years before i modded my wii.{took me 20 mins when i did and i have not had 1 prob}). these guys rock on this site so if theres a guide follow it to a t cause its been tested and it will work if you take the time to know your gear.


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