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Thread: Wii Flow?

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    Wii Flow?

    Can somebody give me a link to download all of the latest software needed to install wiiflow. I have been searching for about 3 hours throughout here and the internet and i can't find anything legit. Someone help please.

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    What have you done to your wii so far? What you need is dependent on what you already have.

    Here is the wiiflow website: WiiFloWiki

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    I have modded everything & am using USB Loader GX but Id prefer to use Wiiflow. I have been to this site and I downloaded the first three links and have tried to install them but the Wii always says some files are missing

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    Or if you have your apps on your fat32 hdd:


    Thats all u need. When u open the app from homebrew channel, it will create the rest of the directories for u.

    Or a easy way would be to use the app pack from chapter 3 of the softmod any Wii guide.


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