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Thread: Unofficial not mine) wiisx wii64 better usb support

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    Unofficial not mine) wiisx wii64 better usb support

    i have to give initial props to bg4545 for this recompiling. i have looked allover the web and this is latest unofficial build i have seen since sept 2011. its beta 2.1. with some updated info. i had seen mentions of other builds on here and other sites, but posts were old and a lot are dead links since megaupload went down or just don't work anymore.

    I found this unofficial build while searching for one with better usb 2.0 support. he has also recompiled wii64 update too. to run the channels and use a usb drive to play from, use these builds.

    Wii64 and WiiSX recompiled (Improved USB Support)

    also look check this link out to better understand the wiisx. read closely to see what your wiisx folder should contain. make sure the game your trying to load works.

    WiiSX compatibility list (beta 2) - WikiTemp

    if some folders are empty and files are missing, try googling those folders to better understand your problem. your region's bios goes in your bios folder, your isos go in your isos folders. saves in saves. and don't think because you got the .rar file you got everything. with all the right files put in the right folders, im running them very well with my usb thumb drive. here is a list to check your device will work with homebrew

    USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    UPDATE* use ios 249 in wadmanger in mmm and you can install these channels. ******

    UPDATE** Better channels for wiisx and wii64 and everything else, here. many +1thanks to troythezombie and mastershoes work on all these. LITERALLY EVERY CHANNEL YOU EVER NEEDED. some of the individual links are dead, but you can download them all from the combo link mediafire, that still works.

    For another good one for wii64 one i used the one posted here on wiihacks, by litllisl, dunno where he got it from though. you can find some more info on it and a link here

    Whatever you want to play the emulator off of, say a usb or sd, install the channel from the same usb or sd card. this was giving me some trouble and that may have been a no brainer for some. i use a sdhc for maintenance like making nand backups or to update homebrew. i find the sd card a little faster and obviously more supported for big updates. I use a usb for all my media and games and rarely take it out. Though this never was a problem with some other emulators like snesx9gx or fce ultra gx, i would received an error about sd card not mounted and i would return to the wiimenu if i had my sd card out. Aso while using wiisx before installing the channel, if launched it from sd and tried to play a game off a usb i would get the wiisx/isos folder error. When i finally tried launching wiisx from my usb in the hbc, playing a game off my usb would, it worked. Later when i installed the forwarder channel, everything worked.
    long story short

    like this
    do the update any guide all the way, straight up, even the cios update that's optional for 4.3 wiis.

    mauifrog you the man for real.

    anyway prepare your usb drive as so (if installing both)
    usb/app/wiisx/boot.dol (and other files in this folder)
    usb/app/wiis64/boot.dol (and other files in this folder)

    place wad in wad folder on root of device you use that applicationfrom
    install the channel wad from the device you want to play off of using MMM with ios249 running /return to hbc
    play the emulator from the hbc to save your settings
    (for wiisx i use dynarex, bios from usb, boot through bios, save settings to usb. configer everything else to your tv and controller needs)
    (for wii64 native saves usb, save state device usb, cpu dynarec, saved settings to usb)

    depending on the speed of the drive, wait accordingly for it to boot up, even if the channel is loading. Typically wait as long as it would take to load up when you plug it into your computer. Sometimes the rom/isos folders take a second to be picked up by the emulator.

    game on. PLAY FAIR

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