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Thread: Possible bad rip?

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    Possible bad rip?

    Hey, I need some help. I noticed that my Super Paper Mario disk has some semi bad scratches on it, but I don't know if it happened before or after I ripped it (it ripped fine). I want to know if I have the right MD5 for the .iso (I tried searching, but it said that MD5 was too short/common a term).

    My MD5: 89976060 - C338B096 - 277B134A - A15CC210

    If this isn't the right area, Mods please move it to the right one.
    Thanks, Gamyr.

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    Just figured it out. I went to GameTDB and checked against the one they had (NTSC-U) and it was the same, so I believe I have a good copy. Mods, please mark as solved.


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